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Pro-AKP Paper Claims: Turkey’s move panicked the British

According to a report in Akşam daily, British newspaper The Times wrote that Turkey’s bargaining with Russia about the S-400 may be a tactic or a move to reduce its dependence on NATO.

British The Times newspaper, which reported on S-400 missiles talks between Russia and Turkey, wrote that these talks could be a sign of a desire of Turkey to reduce her commitment to NATO or a bargaining tactic.

Minister of National Defense Fikri Isik’s statements that Turkey should find a permanent way to protect itself and that the S-400s may be a permanent solution was included in the report published in The Times by Richard Spencer.

“Is it a tactic, or a will of reducing the commitment to NATO?”

It was mentioned in the report that Turkey’s negotiations with Russia on the defense systems of Turkey could also be a sign that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wanted to reduce his country’s commitment to NATO while it was argued that Minister of National Defense Fikri Isik’s explanations could be a bargaining tactic against the Americans, Germans and Italians who are the manufacturers of the MEADS missiles which were developed to replace the Patriot missiles.

Russian party had said “We are speaking of financial conditions”

Sergey Cemezov, the CEO of the Russian state defense industry company Roctec, had told that the Turkish side was discussing with them about the S-400 missiles. Cemezov in the face of a question about the stage of the negotiations had recorded that they had started to discuss “financial issues”.

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