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A graphic designer arrested for book’s cover on Erdogan’s education

Intimidation and oppression of the press continue in Turkey, where hundreds of media outlets have been shut down and thousands of journalists have lost their jobs. More than 170 journalists are currently in prison.

The last example of intimidation and oppressing is the detention of Ergun Poyraz, a graphics designer, involved in the production of “Diplomasiz” (Without a diploma), a book that charts Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s education.

Erdogan’s education is controversial. His university diploma indicates that he graduated from the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of Marmara University in 1981. However, Marmara University was only founded in 1982, with the faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences opening in 1983. In consequence, many people doubt the authenticity of Erdogan’s diploma.

After Poyraz’ detention, the book’s publisher, Siyah Beyaz Kitap, released the following statement:

“Approximately 15 days ago, we published a book called “Diplomasiz”. The book’s graphic designer was detained by the police at 9 AM yesterday from his house. Police confiscated his phone and laptop while taking him to the police station. He was released at 10 PM, after questioning.

As a publisher, the books we publish comply with legal frameworks

In recent days, attacks on cultural centers and publishing houses have increased, so has the suppression of opposing voices as the referendum approaches. All the documents in our book have previously been published on various news sites and in magazines.

We, as Siyah Beyaz Kitap, stand with our colleagues, writers, and behind our publications.”

Oznur Kaya

Abidin Mutlu

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