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Koruköy, a Kurdish City in Turkey’s SEast has been under siege for 14 days

The Kurdish village Xerabê Bava (Koruköy), a city in the Mardin province in South Eastern Turkey, has been under siege for 14 days.

The Firat News Agency (ANF) released a photograph of Abdi Aykut with injuries indicating that he had been subjected to heavy torture by state forces. Aykut was reportedly being held at the Plastic Surgery Department of Mardin State Hospital on the day the photograph was released.

Aykut, a resident of Koruköy, who was taken into custody in the village and released on Thursday, talked about the torture, during his 12 days in custody.

Meanwhile, a delegation of representatives from political parties the HDP and DBP, as well as the Democratic Society Congress (DTK), has for the fifth time attempted to reach the village during the siege. The delegation has been stopped each time from entering the village by soldiers. Unable to enter, HDP deputies, representatives from the DTK and human rights activists have been camped at the entrance of the village.

“The ban and siege should be lifted immediately. The torture photographs published in the press should be explained immediately. The humanity is tried to be killed in this village. Everyone should be sensitive to massacre policy, which is tried to put into practice.

We don’t know what we will see after the blockade on the village is lifted. Everyone should be sensitive and stand up for the besieged villages.” said co-chair of the DTK Leyla Guven. Additionally, she calls on people from Kurdistan and Turkey to rush into the besieged villages.

The Jinha News Agency reported that seven female inmates in Sincan Prison have begun a hunger strike to protest the ongoing siege and torture in Xerabê Bava, as well as the isolation imposed upon the PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, currently held in Imrali prison. They declared that the hunger strike will continue until the isolation and siege are lifted.

Melike Gül Demir


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