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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Cevad Zarif calls Turkey “none appreciative”

Turkey and Iran Continue Trade Jabs

Matt Ea Easton

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said at the Munich Security Conference, “Iran, want to make Syria and Iraq Shia. We are calling for Iran to end its actions for the stability and security of the region.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Spokesman Behram Kasımi also reacted to the statement, saying that ‘they are patient, but this is also has a limit’.

Ambassador Hussein Muftuoglu, who responded to the words of Kasımi, stated Iran as a “country that does not hesitate to take people who are refugees to the country due to crises in the region even to the battlefield”, instead of accusing the countries of criticizing him, Iran had recommended ‘constructive steps’ and eyeing of regional policies.

“None appreciative”

Speaking to the Iranian Newspaper, Zarif said that they did not expect such an attitude from Turkey: “We are talking about cooperation in resolving problems in the region. It is not the work of your strength to make a trip. Those who cannot succeed in the region are clamoring for direction in Trump’s policies. We could take it if Israel does this, but we do not expect our neighbors to be in such a position.”

Responding to the Turkish government accusing Iran of sectarianism, Zarif said, “Don’t they remember that we were wide awake from dusk to down at the night of the coup for their non-Shia government? They are none appreciative to the ones that are full of love and respect.”


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