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IPI opens website about journalists imprisoned in Turkey

The international press institute started a website about journalists that are imprisoned in Turkey.

Achieving free and neutral publishing in Turkey has become nearly impossible. Dissidents in society have been one after one silenced.

The government’s oppressive politics have become even harsher after the 15th of July coup.

In the goal of silencing the opposition, since the 11th of January 2017, 45 newspapers, 60 television and radio channels, 19 publications, 29 publishing firms and 5 news agency have been shut down, amounting to a total of 158 media firms that have been closed down.

The website that was started by the IPI features the names, pictures and stories of of journalists who have been imprisoned in Turkey, and tries to expose the oppression of dissidents in Turkey.

Denizalp Göktaş

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