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Dismissed Academician by a Presidential Decree Commits Suicide

Dr. Mehmet Fatih Tıras, the assistant of Economics and Administration Science Faculty of Cukurova University commited suicide after being dismissed by President Erdogan’s decree, according to 50/D(Temporary Staffing Regulation) at the end of his doctorate study.  

Egitim-Sen Adana Brunch said that in the press statement:

‘Our Peace Signer (petition to call on Turkey and PKK to return peace talks) member from Çukurova University, Assistant Mehmet Fatih Tıraş’s term of office didn’t extend because of his signing on the Peace Decleration, his applications rejected by many universities and due to his psychological trauma he ended his life. We would like to express our condelences to all education and science workers, epecially to his family and friends. The funeral will be buried at Kabasakal Cemetery on February 25 at 16.00.”

Ebru Aksay


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