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Turkey’s Northern City prohibits NGOs to campaign for referendum

Translate/ Matt Ea Easton

No referendum propaganda to NGOs except parties

In Samsun, any association or non-governmental organization other than the party is prohibited by the governorship to make propaganda for the referendum. In the official letter issued by the Governorship of Samsun, it was stated that no non-governmental organizations and organizations could make propaganda elections except for the elected parties. On the other hand, it is known that in many places associations known as AKP’s associations are doing “Yes” work. Formations such as the “Ottoman community” announce these works from social media accounts, daily Cumhuriyet reported.

In response to the application made by the Governorship of Samsun about the distribution of the declaration titled “No for a New Start” within the campaign carried out by Samsun “HAZİRAN” Assembly on the constitutional amendment referendum in Samsun, the following statements were given:

“Ilkadım Number 1 Election Board Presidency dated 17.02.2017 dated propaganda aimed at publication and material distribution; No civil society organizations, associations, etc. other than the political parties required by the 1st and 4th articles of the decision of the Supreme Board of Elections dated 15.02.2017 and numbered 2017/109 is forbidden for institutions to distribute brochures, flyers, party banners, posters, banners or CDs and DVDs containing audio and video images and to open a stand.”


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