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Written as Parliamentary System, Read as Crises System

Column written by Hilal Kaplan on Sabah, Translated by Denizalp Göktaş argues that the parliamentary system and separation powers have negative results and one man should gather all powers.

Mustafa Kemal and Ismet Inonu, are known to have operated a “one man and his right hand system.” They have never hesitated to sacrifice their relationships with any of their friends during hard times. Yet, although Turkey was ruled at the time by a one-party system, it is not a secret that in his last days Ataturk had numerous fights with Inonu.

The political consequences that arose from the disagreements between the two are separate and different stories And are even longer.

Suleyman Demirel had helped Tansu Ciller ascend onto higher ranks in politics by confiding his political party to her and Turgut Ozal had helped Mesut Yilmaz the same way. What happened as a result? The executive duos always kept having conflicts which brought negative consequences upon our country.

For instance, who had made Ahmet Necdet Sezer the president of the republic by convincing the opposition? Bulent Ecevit. Yet, a year into Sezer’s presidency conflicts had arisen, and the infamous “throwing of a constitutional law book” episode had happened.

The year after Ozal’s death, our country faced even more political instability and we lived an economic crisis that was even worse. The stock market had fallen by 14.6%.

Interest rates on repurchase agreements had increased by 760%. The interbank overnight interest rate had reached 7500%. $7.5 billion had left the stocks of the central bank. GDP had fallen from $200 billion to 140$. Inflation had reached 90%. More than 1.5 million people were left unemployed.

This was all the result of the division of the executive power between two leaders and this without even talking about the negative effects of coalition governments.

Despite all this negative experience, there are people out there that still try to defend the parliamentarian system. We need the presidential system for two main reasons a) to centralize executive powers b) to get rid of coalition governments. We cannot stay alive unless we make such a switch in a region that is war thorn and that is facing endless crises.

This is why I say “Yes…”

Instead of Trump his Vice-President Pence

The American intelligence community leaks more info on the Trump administration every month. Just last month “the secret intelligence sources” had targeted Trump’s national security advisor and lead to his firing. The worst part of all this is that the claims that Flynn had talked with Russia to end sanctions was true and when he was asked this question by the FBI, Flynn had lied. As a result, Flynn has now become “a political prisoner” as the FBI can throw him into jail. Yet the FBI chose to keep him out of jail. Was that in exchange for information about Trump? And I don’t know if you have noticed but the more the media targets Trump the more it lauds Pence… Why is that, do you think?

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