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Trump Administration issues its first ‘concern’ regarding developments in Turkey

İlhan Tanır

A State Department spokesperson, for the first time since the Trump administration took power, expressed ‘concerns’ regarding pro-Kurdish HDP co-chair MP Figen Yüksekdağ’s situation after she was unseated from Parliament on February 21st. On the same day, co-chair of the same party Selahattin Demirtaş given 5 month sentence on charges of “humiliating the Turkish nation, the Turkish Republic, the state and institutions of the state.”

US State Department Spokesperson, in an email, stated:

”The United States is concerned about the prosecutions of elected lawmakers in Turkey on the basis of their public remarks. We firmly believe that the freedom to engage in political speech – even that which some find controversial or uncomfortable – strengthens democracy and should be protected for everyone. This is true of speech by elected representatives no less than for ordinary citizens.”

The State Department also added:

“We stand by our friend and NATO Ally Turkey in the fight against terror in all its forms, including against the PKK. We strongly condemn the PKK’s terrorist attacks and again call on the PKK to cease its attacks, renounce terrorism, and re-engage in a peaceful political process that addresses the underlying causes of the conflict. There is no justification for its attacks.”



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