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Erdogan: Turkey has suffered horribly from separation of powers

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shared some Twitter messages ahead of the April 16th constitutional amendment referendum.

Erdogan said that there was a confusion and a rift between the legislature, executive and judiciary branches due to the separation of powers. Erdogan said, “Turkey has suffered horribly from this.”

The messages shared by Erdogan are as follows:

Turkey has suffered horribly from the conflicts between the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

The political chaos and the economic crises caused by the past coups and military memos have burdened the country with a massive cost.

The quarrels between the past presidents and prime ministers by itself are enough to question the current system alone.

We can not let our country descend into chaos, political rivalry, and instability in front of our eyes.

For this, we must establish a responsible and vigorous management mentality in which the foundation of the system is stable.


I believe that April 16th will be a milestone for a prosperous Turkey, a strong Turkey and a Turkey that leads.

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