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“Everyone is silenced in Turkey”

Everyone is silenced

HDP Şırnak deputy Ferhat Encü was released three days before the 104-day-long prison process, but was detained again yesterday.

Speaking before his re-arrest to Cumhuriyet, HDP Şırnak Deputy Ferhat Encü said, “The fact that even the indictments of the executives and authors of the Cumhuriyet Newspaper have not been prepared is indeed a proof of that there is nothing to prepare. In that respect, everyone who defends peace, freedom and pluralism in the country is considered a threat. This political power still maintains this attitude that we see from the inside. It is nonsense that the co-chairs of the municipalities, the co-president of our party, the Cumhuriyet writers and the executives are in custody. They are kept inside without any justification.”

Isolation in prison

Encu said that the prison conditions are particularly difficult for everyone, especially for those who enter prison for the first time, “I was tough because I was the first ones to fall. But we know that we are not guilty. The solidarity that our people showed us gave us a great strength and morale. For this reason, we have suffered a great deal of trouble in the prison. And we were all on our own. We were under isolation,” he said.

Encu has emphasized that arrest of all those who gave a voice in the country has been more worried others in prisons.

Case to Roboski people

Encu stated that people have been under pressure during the last period in Roboski, and investigations that have been waiting in the files for years have been turned into a trial within a few months, and lawsuits have been filed against over 40 Roboski people. Encu also described the shutting down of associations, preventing families from making cemetery memorials and press statements as worrying.

Encu said: “The detention of such dissidents, especially the operations towards HDP and DBP in this process, are the initiatives to make the referendum result in yes. Perceptive operation is being carried out against our Party.

They want the Kurds not to elect and not to claim their wills. Because they want to create a perception that ‘the Kurds have abandoned HDP’. The Kurds will vote the policies and attacks of the AKP government in the last one and a half years to the Kurdish nature, culture, city and itself. Because the Kurds are politics and a community possessing their wills. Not only the Kurds but all the democratic sections in Turkey will do so.

Translated by: Veysel Karacabeyli

Edited by: Michael MacKenzie


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