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Turkish & Iranian officials exchange barbs

Iran’s response to Turkey over sectarianism claims

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has reacted harshly to comments made by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who criticized Iran of promoting sectarianism. Behram Kasımi, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, said that remarks made by Çavuşoğlu were not constructive.

Kasımi claimed that those who escalate tensions must face their responsibility for playing bloody games in the neighborhood.

“Iran makes politics to preserve the stability of each country and its neighbors,” Kasımi stated, adding that many countries in the world follow and support Iran’s policies. Kasimi  called the situation in Turkey “chaotic”: “Some of Turkish politicians may say anormal things due to chaotic situation in Turkey. Ankara which is in a swamp due to mistaken policies try to cover their helplessness by these kinds of angry remarks.”

Spokesman continued: “We are behaving patiently when comes to Turkey but we also have a limit for our patience. We wish that Turkish authorities would be more careful about their statements regarding Iran and these kinds of rhetoric won’t repeat. If our Turkish friends will repeat these kinds of remarks, we will respond in kind.” Kasimi also rejected Turkey’s demand for NFZ in northern Syria.

Turkish President Erdogan during visit to Bahrain mentioned “Farsi nationalism” and Kasimi, according to Cumhuriyet, called these remarks “unfriendly.”

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, according to Hurriyet, Çavuşoğlu noted that some of Iran’s actions damaged regional security and said, “Iran wants to make Syria and Iraq Shia.” Çavuşoğlu further went on to call for Iran to end their actions in order to preserve regional stability and security.


Editor: Leyla Magdalena Amur

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