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Turkey-Russia official news agencies are going to cooperate

After the military agreement that Turkey has signed last month with Russia to combat ISID in Syria, two countries are now getting closer in the media field.

Chairman and general manager of Anadolu Agency (AA) Şenol Kazancı and general manager of Russian TASS News Agency Mikhaylov came together to discuss the bilateral relations as well as the cooperation issue between two news agencies, according to CNNTurk.

Mikhaylov and his accompanying delegation, who came to Istanbul upon the invitation of Kazancı, was welcomed in the office of the AA in Istanbul.

Assistant General Manager of TASS Mikhail Gusman and Assistant General Manager of AA Mustafa Özkaya also attended the meeting that is planned to be in various contacts.

Business cooperation and bilateral relations between AA and TASS were discussed in the meeting.

Moreover, AA News Academy Coordinator Ümit Sönmez informed Mikhaylov about the activities of the Academy.

In the meantime, Kazancı and Mikhaylov presented gifts to each other.

 Osman Bilgin

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