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The Siege of Nusaybin, Turkey’s southeast city, continues since Feb 11

According to Firat News Agency (ANF), the siege of nine villages in Kurdish-majority southeastern Mardin’s Omerli, Nusaybin and Artuklu districts is still effective although the curfew declared on February 11th was in place only 24 hours. 18th February, Saturday, it was reported that three people have been executed in the village where army members have reportedly set several houses on fire.

The siege of Nusaybin district continues, as it is reported 39 people have been detained, two disappeared and three killed.

Speaking to ANF, HDP Mardin Provincial Co-Chair Ali Aslan stated that an official curfew has been declared in nine villages but many villages in Savur district as well are also under de-facto curfew. “Many people have been detained and they are being tortured. We have’nt received any news from this village since yesterday evening. Our contact with the villagers is lost and we are seriously concerned over their lives. Even a massacre might have been perpetrated.”

According to the reporters, 30 villagers were tortured in the village square before they were arrested. Furthermore, the whereabouts of the two residents, Suleyman Yakut and Mehmet Bal, are unknown after they were tortured and taken into custody.

After the reports of execution, torture and mass detention amid the ongoing siege of state forces, a delegation of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), Democratic Regions’ Party (DBP) and Democratic Society Congress (DTK) are going to Koruköy (Xerabê Bava). However, they had been denied access since Saturday afternoon by security forces.

A related statement by the HDP said that “HDP Batman MP Mehmet Ali Aslan, Diyarbakır MP Feleknas Uca, Şırnak MP Leyla Birlik, DTK Co-chair Leyla Güven, HDP/DBP provincial and district administrators have left for the village of  Koruköy (Xerabê Bava) where a siege continues for 8 days now. The delegation will make on-site examinations throughout the day regarding the claims of state forces burning houses, detaining and torturing the villagers.”

On the other hand, Turkey’s state agency (AA) has reported the death of two PKK militants in Nusaybin.

On 19th February, statement by HDP, for the last nine days, there have been no communications with people in Xerabê Bava (Kuruköy), that is under round-the-clock military curfew and has been cut off from electrical and telephone services in the region. A delegation consisting of HDP deputies was denied entry to the village on 18th, Saturday.

The deputies remain at the village’s perimeters and despite their efforts to collect information, no concrete progress has been made. HDP urges international organizations as well as all democratic entities and peace coalitions to immediately investigate the allegations regarding Xerabê Bava.

It is also, the statement by HDP, gory images and videos on social media, posted with the title ‘Images taken by soldiers’, and allegations are extremely serious. There have been claims that all Xerabê Bava inhabitants have been gathered in one house, their phones have been collected, and some are being systematically tortured and executed.
Melike Gül Demir

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