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Marmara Political Sciences bid farewell to the academicians: Turkey loves you

Melih Güngör

The farewell ceremony to those 23 academicians fired from the Faculty of Political Sciences at Marmara University went with an assembly at Anatolian Fortress Campus, Diken reported.

On Feb. 16, those faculty members of the Political Sciences from Marmara University, who were recently dismissed with the Decree Law No. 686, bid their students and colleagues farewell. Prof. Dr. Yüksel Taşkın, Asst. Prof. Baran Alp Uncu, and those research assistants Fırat Çapan and Canan Özbey told good-bye to them with flowers and applause at noon hours.

Making a brief statement at the campus gate, Prof. Taşkın said: “I know that some of you will feel when you write the history of these times in the future.” Underlining that he is also a political historian, he told “I, my friends and people who unfairly lost their jobs will return and they will live a life of honor and sleep well at night. I am sure of that.”

Taşkın also drew attention to the fact that they have won all the cases inside or outside the university in ordinary law, and they have never made an objected to the result. He said that the commission of investigation showed an opportunistic behavior related with the state of emergency.

Taşkın also stated: “We were doing it in law. This is over. Do you know why? Even in this country, there was a culture in which the thinking would be a crime. There was a lot of struggle for it in the ‘90s however. On the other hand, what did the university do? The university’s commission of investigation, which is not impartial, has certainly tried to relate us to the fact of terrorism.” Implying that the commission of investigation made use of an opportunity during the state of emergency, Taşkın told that those prosecutors do not even associate terrorism to them.


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