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Erdogan’s armed militia ready, says Erdogan’s cousin

By Şeref Güçlü

In the headline news of the Cumhuriyet daily today by Sinan Tartanoglu, it was claimed that the aim of the group set up under the leadership of Orhan Uzuner, father-in-law of the President Erdogan’s youngest son Bilal Erdogan, is “to pour the people onto the streets as quickly as possible if there is a fresh coup attempt.” Uzuner, noting at the group’s first meeting held in January that they had obtained the necessary equipment, commented, “Our smallest appliance is a whistle. There is a megaphone in my car. Arms are available for our use when necessary. We must make preparations of this kind.” Uzuner said, “We have closed ranks around our leader President Erdogan.”

Orhan Uzuner, father-in-law of the President Tayyip Erdogan’s (who learned the July 15th coup attemp from his brother-in-law Ziya İlgen) son, Bilal, has set up a broad communictions network to pour the people onto the street in a very short period of time at the moment of a similar coup attempt or insurrection. Under the leadership of Uzuner, the group, which has the name of “Stay brothers, Turkey”, creates WhatsApp groups for instant communication, establishes radio systems in every district and establishes a company to broadcast radio. The group is receiving Ministry of Health certified first aid, and Civil Aviation General Directorate certified unmanned aerial vehicle – drone usage training.

“Stay brothers, Turkey” group was established after the coup attempt on July 15th under the leadership of Orhan Uzuner, the father-in-law of President Erdogan’s son, Bilal Erdogan. Participants see Orhan Uzuner as their prime mover.

The main purpose of the group’s foundation has been explained as establishing a communication infrastructure to “pour the people onto the streets at the moment of a new coup attempt, in the shortest time possible.”

For this purpose, the first step was taken for WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application. Everyone in “Stay brothers, Turkey” is included in a WhatsApp group. All attendees who are accepted to the group are asked to set up their own WhatsApp group. WhatsApp groups are unaware of each other. However, Uzuner keeps all groups under his control.

Uzuner, at various meetings of the group, instructs not to share political evaluations in the WhatsApp groups. Only group executives can share information about President Tayyip Erdogan, Uzuner says. Among the group’s works is the establishment of radio systems. In this context, Uzuner gave the instruction to elect 3 radio operators in each district. Uzuner directly determines who are responsible for the radios.

“Stay brothers, Turkey” group also has applications that work as a “wireless communication” system, but that also enable communication via smart mobile phones. Group’s members are invited to the application known as “Zello”. Accepted members can communicate with each other over the radio. There are currently 300 members of the application. The input password for the application is “1071”.

An internet radio was set up by the group. Its aim is primarily to promote the sharing of Uzuner and to announce the activities of the group. However, it has a broadcast content that “tries not to forget July 15”. A company was set up for the radio. The company has also attempted to purchase a terrestrial frequency with its radio license in hand.

Drone training even given

The group trains its members under 4 headings. “First aid” training is given to the members and certificates of Ministry of Health are distributed them. Unmanned aerial vehicle – drone training is also provided by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation for 36 hours. Also, for the wireless network to be established, a course suitable for the radio license examination is given. Members are also informed about communication and information security through these courses.

Speaker and siren system are one of the systems that the group plans to develop in order to spill the people on the streets in the event of an interruption of electricity and internet while a possible coup attempt. The system is intended to be installed in houses, in buildings, even on cars. In addition, all members are encouraged to supply handheld megaphones.

An open call of “arm”

At the first, narrower meeting held by the group “Stay brothers, Turkey” in early January, Uzuner had shared the aim, working strategy and communication methods of the group.

Uzuner begins with his words “No matter what they do, we do not split. We are Turkey all together.” In his speech, “We have rallied around President Tayyip Erdogan, who is our leader and the symbol of freedom. We do not want him be damaged.” he said. Stating that as a group they purchased the necessary appliances, Uzuner said, “Our smallest device is whistle. There is a megaphone in my car. There are arms we will use when necessary. We need to make preparations like this.”

In his speech, he said one evening he received an information from Ankara about a new move. “I called friends, they were absent. I called the Chief of Police, ‘No such information’ he said. Then he said, ‘Thank God, the situation is positive.’”

They also exist for ‘Yes’

This work yet narrow in scope of Uzuner, the father-in-law of President Erdogan’s son, Bilal, has also held numerous meetings in Istanbul, while making its plans to spill the people on the road in a coup attempt. All communication methods, especially the WhatsApp groups, are being used to get the “yes” result in the constitution amendment referendum would-be-held in April 16th. Uzuner gives messages in this way and “yes” videos are shot at the meetings.

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