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Gırgır Shut Down for one cartoon, investigation launched

ByMatt Ea Easton

One of Turkey’s best satirical caricature magazine has been shut down.

Gırgır was one of the oldest humor magazine of Turkey. Founded by the brothers Oğuz Aral (1936-2004) and Tekin Aral (1941-1999). After having started as a newspaper insert, the magazine’s first issue was published on 26 August 1972 Oğuz Aral directed the magazine until 1989, during which time it became Turkey’s best-known humor magazine.

Gırgır had a similar shutdown as all other dark humor and political satiric makers’ suffer. Following the military coup on 12 September 1980 Gırgır was temporarily banned due to the publication of a cartoon, which was deemed by the military authorities to be insulting Turkish national identity.

In the mid-1980s a group of contributors left Gırgır and established another humor magazine, Limon. Gırgır had a great impact on the satire of its era, and several later humor magazines followed the example set by the magazine.

A whole magazine has shut-down for just one cartoon.

An investigation has been initiated about the Gırgır magazine which the publisher decided to shut down because of a cartoon that has drawn a rebuff.

Kucukcekmece’s chief prosecutor’s office said in the written statement that the investigation about the illustrators and publishers was opened on the grounds of “humiliating the religious values adopted by a part of the people”.

The magazine apologized about the “Moses breaks the Red Sea and saves the Jews” titled cartoon on twitter account: “We apologize for the fatigue and insomnia that we’ve been hurt by this ‘awful’ cartoon that is not noticed before printing.”

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