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Result is always the same: Ahmet Şık Gets Arrested in Turkey

A columnist to the newspaper “Cumhuriyet” Özgur Mumcu has said “In Turkey, no matter if it is the Gulenists fighting for more power or the government struggling to increase its authority the result is always the same, Ahmet Sik gets arrested.”

Yesterday, the trial of Ahmet Sik, Nedim Sener, Soner Yalcin, Yalcin Kucuk and Hanefi Avci started in a courtroom in Caglayan in Istanbul. The decision of the court has been postponed to the 12th of April.

Ozgur Mumcu shared a piece of his mind the following day with an opinion piece called “Ahmet Şık will win:”

The football player Gary Lineker has a saying as famous as him: “Soccer is a simple game played by 22 people for 90 minutes and the Germans always win every game”

We could say the same for political trials in Turkey: “Political trials in Turkey are games in which the Gulenists and the government fight to increase their powers and eventually Ahmet Şık get jailed.”

Can there be another explanation for the trial of Ahmet Şık and for him to be still kept under custody? The prosecutor who initiated the investigation against Ahmet Şık has now disappeared but Ahmet Sik is still in jail for being a Gulenist despite writing a novel exposing how the Gulenist have infiltrated the government, the police and the army. In the cells adjacent to that of Ahmet Şık stay journalists of Cumhuriyet who were jailed by a prosecutor who is nowhere to be found and who is wanted for being a Gulenist.

Who were the voluntary prosecutors of the Odatv trials?

The person who has dedicated his life to defend Gulenists in court has now become a parliament member and is and is heading the commission investigating the 15th of July coup.

The journalists who were able to catch the last exit on the highway are now looking for Gulenists everywhere. We were threatened by Gulenists for denouncing the injustices that happened in the Odatv trial. On the other hand, those who defended the Gulenists today hide under the government’s excuse of having been tricked.

The biggest supporters of the Gulenists have suddenly become the biggest enemies of the Gulenists. Erdogan has before supported the jailing of Ahmet Sik for “creating materials used in the making bombs” referring to his book denouncing the Gulenists. Today, Erdogan supports Ahmet Şık’s jailing because Şık “was getting ready to write a book.”

The results of the trials are all the same. We’ve seen the result of the 1st trial. The result of the 2nd will also be the same.

The 1st half of the match was played by the joint coalition of the government and the Gulenists against Ahmet Şık. The 2nd half of the match is played by the government against Ahmet Şık and the government uses the tactics that it learned from the Gulenists.

However, the match is not over yet. At the end, Ahmet Şık will win.

Translated by Denizalp Göktaş

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