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People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Bingöl deputy Hişyar Özsoy: We are not allowed to meet with our party co-chairs

HDP deputy Hişyar Özsoy stated that international delegations were not allowed to meeting with the HDP leaders in prison.  Özsoy  “As President Erdogan said himself, he interviewed with tens of thousands of visitors during his time in prison (Erdogan imprisoned more than 4 months in 1999); however now even we are not being able to meet with our co-chairs.”

Mr. Özsoy held a press conference in the Parliament regarding of the detained HDP co-chairs Figen Yüksekdağ’s and Selahattin Demirtaş’s prevention to meet with international delegations, according to Etha news agency.

Reminding that the missing letter sent by the Demirtas, who was detained in Edirne F Type Prison, to the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), Özsoy gave the following information about the letter: “In this letter he wrote on the conditions of our deputies in Kandira and Silivri prisons in detail not about himself. The letter handed to the prison administration on 15 December 2016, however did not arrive to its destination after two months. We had requested it from Turkish postal system (PTT) in Turkey and the CPT also conducted research on postal companies in France. The letter, as of today, is missing” Ozsoy said they would initiate legal action.

Özsoy pointed out that none of meting requests of the international delegations to Ministry of Justice has been responded. Özsoy “Mehmet Ali Ağca visits Çakıcı(a gang leader) who is in prison but we cannot visit our co-chairs as MPs. Although Mehmet Agar was sentenced still hundreds of people from politics visited him and Erdogan met with tens of thousands of visitors in prison, he said that, and we are not being able to meet our own co-directors.”

Özsoy also expressed his concerns on serious campaigns to suppress social opposition which carried out by Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior. Özsoy said: “One thing is clear, our co-presidents, deputies and mayors are in prison not for a crime but because of Erdogan’s presidential dream. In the last 3 days, hundreds of our members have been taken into custody and they are trying to bring the HDP to an inoperable situation. Next 3 to 4 months is the referendum preparation process. They are trying to break ties between our members of parliament and public. However they should remember that one day they are going to be in a need of justice.”

Translated by WHattı Staff

Edited by Leyla Magdalena Amur

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