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Ferhat Encü, HDP MP, who was released 2 days ago, re-arrested along with 2 other HDP MPs

Ferhat Encü, HDP MP, who was released 2 days ago, re-arrested

Ferhan Encu was taken into custody in Sirnak Airport, accordingly he has been arrested by the court decision.

3 HDP MPs arrest on the same day

On Friday, February 17th, two more HDP MPs were also arrested.  HDP MP for Adıyaman Mr. Behçet Yıldırım and HDP Vice Chair İdris Baluken also arrested.

Ferhan Encu was arrested since 4 November 2016 and he was on trial by Sirnak 2nd High Criminal Court with accusation of “being member of terrorist organization”, making propaganda of terrorist organization “ and 22 years sentence was requested. He was released on 15 February however depending on the opposition of district prosecutor, he has been re-arrested in Sirnak Airport and taken to Cizre Courthouse and transferred from Sirnak 2nd High Criminal court to an upper court, Cizre 1st High Criminal court. His plea was taken agains the attorney request of arrestment.

His mother fell ill

His bother, Veli Encu stated to Cumhuriyet that he was travelling to Sirnak city in order to meet his family and he was taken into custody at the airport. “ I can not find words to express”

His mother was taken to the hospital after she fell ill upon the decision of arrestment.

Brother and relatives died in Roboski massacre

In 28 December 2011, 34 (of 19 were children) were killed by war planes bombing in Roboski who were returning from smuggling. 15 year old brother of Ferhat Encu, Serhat Encu and many of relatives were victims of this bombing. Upon Ferhat Encu’s arrestment on 4 November, his mother stated that “ They killed Serht and now arrested Ferhat. My son is only in search of justice and peace, this is enough “


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