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Turkish Pro-Government Papers are attacking Merkel, yet again

 Teams of Federal Public Security in  North Rhein Westfalia and Rheinland-Pfalz states busted homes of 4 Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (TIRA) employees and made search since this morning. It has been stated that the searches are being run upon espionage claims investigation by Federal Prosecution Office according to daily Cumhuriyet.

Volker Beck, a parliamentarian from GREENS political party, filed a criminal complaint  last December regarding TIRA and its members were reporting to Ankara about people connected to Fethullah Gulen.

Throughout the documents submitted along with the complaint, it is stated that there is a letter sent by Presidency of Religious Affairs (of Turkish Government) and reports sent by Turkish Consulates to Ankara.

Acc. to an article on Spiegel Online, TIRA is rejecting espionage claims. It is defened that some imams were in a personal mistake by transmitting related informations.

Acc. to a recent statement by, North Rhein Westfalia State, Protection of Constituition Agent PResident Burkhard Freier , there were inforation n that 13 imams had reported to Ankara about 33 people and 11 corporations. In Rheinland-Pfalz state, it is stated that more then one imam were collecting information.

Operation to TIRA was supposed to be made in last January but it was postponted. Even tough reason of operation is not stated clearly , main reason is seen as the meeting of Merkel with Erdogan in Februrary.

Update: Following German authorities’ investigations into allegations of Turkish imams affiliated with German-based Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DİTİB) spying for Turkey on Gulen affiliated groups, people, pro-AKP media appears to be attacking on German Chancellor Merkel on Thursday. Star, which is closely aligned with Turkish Presidential Palace, calling German authorities’ as ‘Merkelist Terror.’



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