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A Turkish student has gone missing at the US-Mexican border

A Turkish family reported that their 24 year old son, Mert Tanriverdi, went missing at the US-Mexican border ten days ago. The young student who was travelling in the US as a part of Work&Travel programme, reportedly crossed the US border for a day trip to the Mexican side. When he wanted to return to the US side at the end the day, he was detained at San Ysidro, at the US border due to a visa problem, reports Can Coskun of Halk TV.

Tanriverdi’s family claimed that they were given written confirmation of his detention by the San Diego immigration office but were subsequently denied communication with their son thereafter, on the grounds that “there is no one called  Mert Tanriverdi present in our offices.”

The distraught family who sought the assistance of the Turkish Consulate to find out the whereabouts of their son, still do not have clear information about his disappearance. Mert Tanriverdi, a final year student of mechanical engineering at the Marmara University, has been in the US since last June and had his visa extended last November.

Translated by Meltem Özdemir

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