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1.360 cases filed against ‘FETO’ until today

According to Diken; Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said that after the coup attempt on 15 July, 1.360 cases were filed from FETO, and further will be sued.
Speaking during his visit to Mugla province, Bozdag expressed that there are many investigations, indictments about them have been prepared, and that there are investigations that have turned into a trial.
We see 1.360 cases were filed across Turkey as of today. The number of cases involving crimes of both coup attempt, and membership of a terrorist organization, and crimes committed in the name of the terrorist organization as well is 1.360 as of today. New cases will also be revealed when the indictments are completed in the following process.” continued Minister Bozdag.

Labor and Social Security Minister Mehmet Müezzinoglu had said on January 31 that in the scope of FETO investigations, legal actions were taken against 125 thousand and 485 “public servants”, and that 94 thousand and 867 of them were dismissed.
Finance Minister Naci Agbal had said on 3 February that after the coup attempt, 4.344 institutions were closed and that the titles of the real estate belonging to these institutions were registered on behalf of the state.

Şeref Güçlü

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