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HDP’s conservative MP Ms. Kaya: “Yes” vote is contrary to Islam


HDP MP Huda Kaya: According to our beliefs, “Yes” means denying Allah

HDP Istanbul deputy Huda Kaya, who recently met with the public in Sanliurfa within the scope of her referendum work, said that “According to our beliefs, saying ‘Yes’ means denying Allah” defending the proposition that saying “Yes” is also against Islam.

According to a news report on the Dihaber website, HDP Sanliurfa deputy Osman Baydemir when meeting with the people in Bozova and Halfeti on the 8th of February, explained why they would say “No” in the upcoming referendum. Baydemir, met with many party members and citizens in DBP’s district building in Ceylanpinar following Bozova and Halfeti. He then once finished passed from there to Viranşehir.

DTK member Musa Farizoglu, who spoke at a meeting held in DBP’s Viransehir district building with the participation of HDP Istanbul deputy Huda Kaya and DBP co-chairperson Salih Yildiz, said that they [DTK] had been successful in the work they have done did up until today and they will able to exit successfully from the referendum.

“AKP people are uncomfortable”

Huda Kaya said that the decision that will be made in the upcoming referendum will decide whether there will be brighter or darker days ahead. She also stated that AKP deputies are also uncomfortable, “It comes to our ear, they are saying that ‘He wanted to be president (of the party), he wanted to be president (of the country) and he became. What more does he want?’ We are confronted with a dictatorship that has not tolerated criticism and we are aware of what they are trying to do. They are trying to discipline the people with hunger. They want to make people slaves and sheep, they have added new people to the hundreds of thousands of unemployed people. They are dismissing the ones that are with the Kurds or the oppressed people. They are approaching these events so blatantly.”

“Yes is contrary to Islam”

Saying that “Yes” is also against Islam, Kaya continued:

“According to our beliefs, saying ‘yes’ means to deny Allah. I will explain this to you with two verses from the Qur’an. Who, except Allah, is a cruel person to be said ‘no’, according to tawhid, if he is imposing himself uniquely. We can convince them about why they should say ‘No’ if we explain just the ‘La’ of the Word of Tawhid (La İlahe İllallah=No God but Allah). ‘La’ means ‘No’ in Arabic. No to what? There is only one creator that creates. There is only one God. Whoever claims uniqueness, except that One, in fact he claims Divinity. Anyone, other than Allah, who speaks of uniqueness, is waging war against the truth of the Qur’an. It means he is pretending to be divine, he is opposing the Qur’an. It has no place and meaning in the Qur’an. These cruel people see it as their right to do things that even Allah did not do to his servants who wronged themselves. There is no such monotheism in the Qur’an. It is mentioned in the Qur’an that everybody is free in diversity.”

“They are enslaving people by numbing them over beliefs”

Kaya explained further the Chapter of The Counsel (Shura) stating “Look, what Shura means, it means parliament, consultation, different ideas. Peace can only be ensured and beauties emerge with the ones taken from different perspectives. He is enslaving people by numbing them over beliefs. Whatever Muaviye and Yezid did that day, the same is true for today. If they said ‘I am your shepherd’, today is also the same that has been done. They are the same word for word. I believe that the end of these cruel people has come whether ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ comes out in the referendum.”

Lastly, Osman Baydemir said “We do not recognize the constitution which does not recognize the Kurdish language and Kurdish existence. It is our legitimate right to say ‘No’ to a constitution which does not recognize us.”

HDP deputy Huda Kaya, stated that the speech she made yesterday in some of the districts of Sanlıurfa was distorted. The speech was made within the scope of the “No” campaign that her party will hold in the constitutional referendum. The video shared on her social media account reflects her full speech.

HDP Istanbul deputy Huda Kaya stated that her speech she made within the scope of the “No” campaign her party will carry out in the referendum in the districts of Halfeti, Ceylanpinar, Bozova and Viransehir of Sanliurfa yesterday was distorted by various media organs including our agency (dihaber). Reacting to releasing her speech with the title of “(Yes) means denying Allah”, Kaya, on her social media account shared the video address in which she stated “The explanation about my speech has been distorted by exceedingly absurd and incorrect titles.”

An incorrect sharing

Huda Kaya made the following statement about the media distorting her expressions: “The speech I made in Sanliurfa yesterday is continuing to be shared with an extremely absurd and incorrect title, such as ‘Saying Yes is to deny Allah’ by being detached from its content and context. As a person who has been in Qur’anic study and research for more than 35 years, I am of course aware of the ungracefulness of such a shallow expression. You can see on this full video the clearest explanation of why we need to say ‘NO’. I’m behind this speech as well.”

T24 – translated by Şeref Güçlü

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