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Erdogan: Yes in the referendum is the same thing as resisting against the coup

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the inauguration ceremony of the Van gas lake.

Erdogan reminded his audience that he approved the constitutional change proposal and said ”we signed the contract, hopefully all goes well, and on the 16th of April let’s say yes!” Erdogan claimed that a “yes” in the referendum is the same thing as resisting against the coup on the 15th of July.

Few striking points from Erdogan’s speech
“Turkey is currently at a crossroads to change its political system. I just signed before arriving here the referendum proposal. Now, the referendum process starts. if God willing my people will go to the ballots the 16th of April. Like the Seldjoukides, the Ottomans, the city of the Republic, Aksaray, will also give a historical support to this referendum.

You know my stance on the death penalty

“You know my stance on the subject. Hopefully, the 16th of  April will be the first indicator of this. The destiny of anyone who kills my soldier, my police officer or my citizen is the death penalty. The parliament can change the constitution, yet it doesn’t.  The opposition is afraid of supporting the death penalty.”

“They say, what would George say, what would Hans say? Stop talking about Hans, George, talk about what Ahmet says, what Fatma says! What will my Mehmet in his grave become! If you do not take revenge for Mehmet, how will you look to your children’s face!”

“We do not have another republic other than the Turkish Republic. Okay, You see what Mehmet does in this cold and snowy weather. You see it on TV. How can we not take revenge for our Mehmet, our police. This is why I say “Yes” on the 16th of April.”,

“We will put an end to the bipolarized executive. Some people mix this with the American system. No, this is the Turkish presidential system. This means that the president will actively be part of a political party. What do we say to this, yes? The problem of people who are against the constitutional change is not opposing the political change. They oppose anything that is good for this country.”

A one-man ideology is part of CHPs thinking

“The current system is not only not resilient to coups, but has also high economic and political risks. If they knew they would get 50% plus one more vote at the elections they would’ve all voted yes in the parliament.”
“Don’t you care about people that try to confuse you. When we look back, they were the ones that didn’t respect parliamentary rules. Who has a one-man ideology? The main opposition, the CHP has it”

Denizalp Goktas

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