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Prosecutor asks 37 years jail time for HDP Leader Demirtaş, for his 15 speeches

HDP co-chair Mr. Selahattin Demirtaş is accused of ‘terror organization propaganda’ related to his speeches. Demirtas’ call on Turkish Prime Minister, challenging him ”let’s go on TV, I will defend autonomy and you can defend the presidency” also cited as one of crimes, according to daily Cumhuriyet. Demirtas’ trial date is left for after the referendum.

Prosecutor asked 37 years and 10 month for HDP leader Demirtas in an indictment. Most of his alleged crime tied to 15 speeches he made over the years.

Mr. Demirtas’ defending the ”democratic autonomy,” which is cited in HDP program, his remarks that Turkey should be moving together with PYD, his invitation to Turkish Prime Minister in which they can debate the presidential system and autonomy and his using ‘Kurdistan’ cited as some of his crimes. Prosecutor office also saw Mr. Demirtas’ photo with PKK leaders in Qandil, which he took during peace talks, as ‘crime’.

Mr. Demirtas’ visits to Qandil during the peace talks supported by the AKP government, and made possible by AKP government.

Aktay and Erdem were among the participants

The Democratic Society Congress (DTK), which has an office building in downtown Diyarbakir, has been hosting many civil society organizations.

AKP deputies Yasin Aktay, Galip Ensarioglu and chief advisor to the President  Cemil Ertem, were among the participants of the DTK workshop. Yasin Aktay, a staff columnist for the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak, praised the “Democratic Autonomy” workshop organized by DTK in 2010 saying: ” The DTK’s Democratic Autonomy Workshop shows that the state has begun a process of clearing up an arena in politics for Kurdish issues by removing the militaristic approach .”

HDP Co-Chair Mr. Selahattin Demirtaş is now facing multiple charges including “opposition to the Law No. 2911 on illegal gatherings, meetings and demonstrations”  and “inciting violence” during the Kobani demonstrations that took place between October 6 and 8 and is facing 3 to 5 years in jail only for these accusations.

According to the indictment, the court is accusing Demirtas of:

* Calling the security forces and the state ‘invaders.’

* Endorsing the demonstration in the province of Sur by saying ” … bless your rebellion, thousands of times”.

* Describing the operations carried out by the security forces as ‘massacres,’ and building the trenches as a ‘fight for freedom.’

*Characterizing the police operations as ‘war’ and ‘catastrophic’ and suggesting that Turkey should try to find common ground with PYD

* Joining a rally in the province of Sur

* Saying “if someone is trying to burn down your party, your house or if someone wants to lynch you, then according to the Turkish Penal Code you can defend yourself. It is self-defence.”

* Posing for a photograph in front a picture of Abdullah Ocalan and the flag of the terrorist organization along with the PKK leaders Sabri Ok, Murat Karayilan and Sulbus Peri in 2013.

* Saying ” … being investigated for calling him [Abdullah Ocalan] a Kurdish leader. You call a Kurdish leader, Kurdish leader.”

* Taking part in the Nowruz celebrations and ignoring the illegal slogans and Kurdish flags

*Calling PKK members ‘guerillas,’ and Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia ‘Kurdistan.’

* Inviting the prime minister on a televised debate saying “we’ll argue for autonomy and you can argue why we do not deserve it. “

After the Turkish parliament lifted the representatives’ immunities, 55 of the 59 HDP deputies are facing a total of 3,126 years in jail and 18 death sentences.


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