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Theater Department at Ankara University lost its function: only 4 academician left in the department

With the latest executive order under emergency law, 5 academicians at Theater department of Ankara University was expunged from their duties. Süreyya Karacabey who was expelled from his post via previous executive order expressed that only 4 academicians are left back within department and that the department is actually no more functional.

The latest executive order which expunged a total of 72 academicians has practically shut down the department of Theater. The department under the College of Languages, History and Geography witnessed 5 of its staff expelled from their academic posts, 3 of whom are professors. With this latest expunge, there are currently only 4 academics left at the department.

“It is impossible for my colleagues left behind to continue the functionality of the department”

According to a news report by BBC Turkish, a teaching staff member at the department, Süreyya Karacabey who was expelled by the previous executive order stated that the department has actually lost its functionality, adding:

“Six of us from the department of Theater were among Academics for Peace. Other than me, my other 5 colleagues were expunged today. Among them are one from Teaching Staff Training program (ÖYP), 3 professors, a research associate and an assistant professor. With their expulsion, it is impossible for the department to continue the education. All of the classes are practically ceased. There are only three colleagues at Acting and another at Script left behind in the department. It is very difficult for them to continue the functions of the whole department”.

Karacabey, expressing the expectation of more expulsions from the department, noted that the morale of my colleagues was very negative after I was expunged, stating what the point was for them to stay at the department while their colleagues were fired; waiting for your turn of expulsion is already damaging enough.



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