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Pro-Erdogan Islamist paper boasts: The Range of National Missile is Rome!

Turkey’s most prominent, radical Islamist paper which is also very pro-Erdogan one, published a news story in which boasting that Turkey’s new missile technology, that has been underway for the last 8 years, is capable of hitting Rome. The story is featured along with a map, shown up.

Here is the verbatim translation of Akit’s story:


Preparations for ‘Bora’, which has been working on missile technology for 8 years, continue at full speed.

The countdown began on the missile called ‘Bora’, which is capable of shooting surface to surface, that the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries has been working on since 2009.

According to the information received from the Defense sources, it is predicted that Bora can hit a one thousand kilometer target because of its long range.


The missile Bora which has been worked on for 8 years is developed by Roketsan.

It is stated on the official website of Undersecretariat for Defense Industries about the project that ‘It is aimed to design long range and surface to surface missile, to provide the infrastructure and to start mass production’.

The range of Bora can reach to Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran, Cairo and even Rome with minimum range.

Undersecretariat does not give any information about the missile systems were delivered or not to Turkish Military Force. On the official website of undersecretariat it is stated that ‘Deliveries continue according to schedule of the project.’.

(Photos from the news story)

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