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Propaganda Periods For Referandum Is Announced

Propaganda periods which will take place on TRT has just been announced. AKP got 30 minutes and the other tree parties got 20 minutes. Also president Erdogan can speak 20 minutes if he wishes, which means “YES” defenders have 70 minutes and “NO” defenders have 40 minutes.

According to BirGün; Through the referendum which may be held on April 17, people will vote for Turkish type of Presidency. According to law; AKP, CHP, CHP and HDP have right to speak on TRT, Turkısh State TV. Oya Armutçu from Hürriyet says, AKP has two times 10 minutes periods, CHP, MHP and HDP have two 10 minutes period to talk.

President will also work as political party

CHP representative Mehmet Yakupoğlu on Supreme Election Committee said, “president Erdogan will act as a political actor through propaganda period. Both AKP Leader, Prime Minister and President will be able to make propaganda by state sources. However, this system ought to be changed because according to current legislation, President must be impartial. “

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