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Ban on Evrensel And BİRGÜN Newspapers Continues at Prisons

According to Evrensel; The Republican People’s Party (CHP) Media Committee Member Barış Yarkadaş has stated that ban is still valid even tough Bekir bozdag (Minister of Justice)‘s response underlining that “All prisoners receive their preferred newspapers“ upon written parliamentary question.

BAN on EVRENSEL and BIRGUN newspapers

Yarkadas receiving many posts from state’s prisons stated that “Prisoners can not receive Leftist newspapers like BIRGUN, EVRENSEL and other periodic papers. Arbitrary ban is still on at state prisons,” he added.

Letter Ban is also active

Continuing his words, “Restrictions are not limited with newspapers. 3 books are given to the prisoners in cells. Sending and receiving letters ban is also active. Prisoners are under heavy isolation which means double punishment. Let anyone read & watch whatever they want. These meaningless bans must come to an end”

Employees of CUMHURIYET newspapers Complaining

Yarkadas of CHP reminded employees of Cumhuriyet newspapers were also complaining that they are unable to send or receive letters, their communication and correspondence freedom are hindered arbitrarily.

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