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Venice Commission Comes to “Inspect” Turkish Constitutional Package

The Venice Commission delegation, which will determine whether the constitutional package is appropriate for the separation of powers, is starting its contacts in Ankara on Monday. The findings of the delegation, which will be published in March following the contacts of Turkey, will also determine whether the constitutional package is in line with Turkey’s international obligations. The report also sheds light on the debate about the legitimacy of the package. The report of the Venice Commission, which is the consultative body of the Council of Europe’s constitutional law, will be the deciding factor for the EU as well as the Council of Europe.

Icelandic vice president of Venice Commission Herdis Kjerulf Thorgeirsdottir and accompanying delegation will meet separately with AKP, CHP and HDP group presidents today. The parties will convey the shortcomings they find in terms of themselves. However, the delegation will mainly discuss the process of supervising each other between the judiciary-executive and the legislature, namely the separation of powers. It will determine if the independence of the judge can be provided by this system. Among the issues that the delegation will determine is whether the regulation of the referendum under the conditions of the emergency situation will constitute a violation of Turkey’s obligations.

During the visit of the delegation to Ankara, it is expected to also meet civil society organizations and professional organizations as well as representatives of high judicial bodies.

Cumhuriyet Translated by Ege İlter


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