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Istanbul Criminal Court rejects indictment on Fashion Designer, prosecutor objects

The indictment prepared against Barbaros Sansal on charge of “inciting publicly people to hatred and enmity” accusation with 1 to 3 years imprisonment demand, were rejected by the Istanbul 43rd Criminal Court of First Instance, Turkish Press reported.

The prosecutor’s office had prepared the indictment on last Friday and submitted it to the Attorney General’s approval. Following the approval of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the indictment that has fallen on the Istanbul 43rd Criminal Court of First Instance was returned to from the court. The judge, examining the indictment, returned it to the prosecutor on the grounds that there was lack of evidence in the file


It was learned that the prosecutor of inquiry Umut Tepe would appeal against the judge’s decision by applying to the High Criminal Court.

Barbaros Sansal’s lawyer, Efkan Bolac, said on Twitter that “Istanbul 43rd Criminal Court of First Instance refused the indictment against Barbaros Sansal, because there is no precise and convincing evidence.”


In addition, Efkan Bolaç stated that the IP addresses of the three tweets of Sansal subject to the accusation and claimed to be posted from Cyprus appear in Istanbul and that the judge returned the indictment for this reason.


Barbaros Sansal in his statement had said for one of his tweets he accused, “My intention here is that people with three different faiths were victimized. I have never used a discriminatory, disgust and hatred language in my tweets”, and for his video sharing that met with reaction, said: “I shared this word in the video as a satire against discrimination. I started to be insulted ​​on the phone by the hackers. So I completely shut down all my accounts and communication. I absolutely disagree with the accusations.” stating that he had shared the video as a message of the new year.


After this development, it’s reported that the prosecutor’s office appealed to the Justice Ministry to charge Sansal with article 301.

Şeref Güçlü from Turkish Press

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