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Ankara trials of the coup attempt set to begin today

Translation/ Matt Ea Easton from directly Turkish semi-official AA Report

Within the scope of the 15 July coup attempt of FETÖ, the first trials of investigations in Ankara begin.

The first trial of the coup attempt of the FETÖ is going to be held in 6 February about the events happened in Privat Air Forces Headquarters. The trials will continue with the trial of kidnaping the presidency secretary-general Fahri Kasırga at 20 February.

In the terrorist actions of the Special Forces Command in Gölbaşı, the prosecution of 18 defendants for the murder of Officer Omer Halisdemir, who changed the course of events by shooting the coup d’état general Semih Terzi’s, will start on February 21st.

The case against the 58th Artillery Brigade and Artillery and Missile School Command in Ankara Polatlı District Commander of Ankara, on the grounds that they are participating in the coup attempt with the first sentence of the case against the 69th sentence of the Special Forces Command, will be seen on February 28th.

An important part of the cases related to the coup attempt in the capital will be seen in special built courtroom built in the Sincan Prison settlement.

Private Air Forces Command Trial 

The first case related to FETO’s coup attempt will be related to events happened in the Etimesgut Special Air Regiment Command on July 15th. The first hearing of the case against 27 people will start on 6 February (today) at the Ankara 13th High Criminal Court and last for 5 days.

On the charges of “attempting to remove the constitutional order from the middle, attempting to remove the TBMM from the center or to prevent it from performing its tasks partly or completely” and “attempting to remove the government of the Republic of Turkey from the middle or to prevent it from performing its duties partly or completely” Imprisonment “and” to be a member of a terrorist organization “on charges of total 15 years of imprisonment 7 years 6 months for each.

Case against Kasırga’s abduction

The case against 27 soldiers regarding the kidnapping of the Presidential Secretary General Kasırga during the coup attempt will be seen on February 20th at the 13th High Criminal Court. He was sentenced to imprisonment from 13 years to 6 months and 36 years and 6 months for crimes of aggravated life three times and for “membership in armed terrorist organization” and “deprivation of personal freedom”.

Martyr Ömer Halisdemir case

The case against Martyrdom Halisdemir, who changed the course of the coup by shooting the ‘junta’ general Terzi, who wanted to seize the Special Forces Command during the coup attempt, will be seen on February 21st at the 14th High Criminal Court.

17 of the suspects are charged with four times aggravated life imprisonment for the crimes of “attempted to lift the constitutional order from the middle”, “attempted to prevent the Republic of Turkey and the Grand National Assembly from withdrawing from the center or to prevent it from performing its duty” and “qualified deliberate killing”. Suspect Mihrali Atmaca is charged with five times aggravated life imprisonment.

The second case against the SFC attack.

The other case involving 69 suspected crimes in the Gölbaşı headquarters other than the martyrdom of Halisdemir will be seen in Ankara 14th High Criminal Court. The trial of the defendants will begin on 28 February.

The prosecution demanded that the case be submitted to the case against 18 defendants related to the actions in the SFC where the petty officer Halisdemir was also martyred. The court has not yet made a decision to merge the cases.

Polatlı Missile School and 58th Artillery Brigade

Lawsuits against Policeman’s Artillery and Missile School Command and 58th Artillery Brigade will also be seen on 28 February at the Ankara 13th High Criminal Court. Among them, the former Artillery and Missile School Command Major General Osman Ünlü, the former 58th Artillery Brigade Commander Brigadier General Murat Aygün, was also asked about the life imprisonment of about 3 times the aggravated 330 defendants.

The suspects were also required to be sentenced to prison for “being a member of a terrorist organization” and “attempting to kill a qualified person intentionally”.

Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff of the General Staff, said that they had lost their lives in Polatlı in the night of the coup. In the indictment, which was recorded as a “victim” by Yasin Yılmaz, Lokman Bici, Hasan Yilmaz, Ali Anar, Umit Güder, Özkan Hekin, Samet Cantürk, Emrah Sapa and Ömer Takdemir Chairman General Yasar Guler and retired Lieutenant General Mehmet Şanver took place as “the petiator”.

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