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The Saturday Mothers have been waiting for justice in the 619th week

“I have been expecting justice here for 21 years”

According to a news in the Şûjin (means “packing needle” in Kurdish) daily, the Saturday Mothers continued the quest for justice by gathering in the 619th week in the same location in İstanbul. Hanife Yildiz, who had been looking for his son for 21 years and 619 weeks, said, “Justice I’ve been looking for never came.”

The Saturday Mothers came together in Galatasaray Square for the 619th time to ask the fate of the losses and to ensure the prosecution of the perpetrators. In the action, a banner of “Perpetrators certain, where are the disappeared people?”, red carnations and a white cheesecloth symbolizing “peace” on it, was opened and the banners with photos of the missing people were carried. This week, the fates of Mehmet İnan, the father of seven children who were kidnapped and disappeared in Siirt on February 28, 1994, and Maksut Tepeli, who was lost on February 2, 1985, were asked.

“The justice I’ve been looking for has never come”

“I started here 21 years ago. I was very surprised, I did not know how I got here, but I was looking for justice. Justice I’ve been looking for never came. The thing we want that nobody be disappeared. We are here to our missing people be found. Our hearts hurt.” said Hanife Yildiz, Murat Yıldız’s mother, who was lost in 1995.

“We do not know where buried”

Lawyer Gülseren Yoleri, who follows the Maksut Tepeli’s file, said: “He (Tepeli) was detained on February 2, 1984. There are witnesses who say that he was shot in custody and that he was tortured in custody. There are applications his wife made, the state in 2006 said that he had been caught by being shot and he had lost his life in the hospital. However, after Maksut was shot, he was taken to the police station, not to the hospital, and tortured in custody. We do not know where he was buried. The state accepts his death, but does not say his grave place.”

“We will continue to struggle”

HDP Istanbul deputy Pervin Buldan also emphasized that the struggle for the discovery of disappeared people and for the prosecution of the perpetrators will continue and said: “Of course, this square (Galatasaray Square) became the arena which touches the hearts, conscience, and humanity, in terms of the discovery of our lost people and coming to a halt of the extrajudicial killings/executions. Sometimes mothers’ screams touched our consciences. No mother’s eyes remain open, we will continue to struggle. We believe that this is a long journey and at the end of this journey the law, justice and peace that we desire will come true. One of the most important ways for peace and democracy to come to this country, is to find the disappeared people. The government should in no time put an end to its insensitivity. Justice and law are necessary for this country. I wish all of you ‘days with NO’.”

After the speeches, the action ended with the press release.

Sujin translated by Şeref Güçlü

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