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Erdogan’s advisers began criticizing Trump’s measures

Turkish Government has been so far one of the countries did not harshly react to President Trump’s Executive Orders in which citizens of 7 Muslim countries barred from entering the US.

That may be changing slowly by Saturday.

President Erdogan’s one of top advisers, Burhan Kuzu, in a tweet, criticized the Trump Administration’s decision to ban citizens from 7 muslim countries, citing a 5 year old Iranian who was also handcuffed.

Kuzu, in a tweet, below, stated: ”Trump banned nationals from 7 Muslim countries. 5 year old İranian kid was also handcuffed. Reason ”creating a threat”. Whoa…!”



Erdogan’s Spox: Bans don’t work, negative impacts should be evaluated carefully

On the other hand, President Erdoğan’s spokesperson İbrahim Kalın, at a book signing event, also criticized Trump’s policies without explicitly citing Trump or US by name, stated: ”we always said in every platform how wrong it is to cite Islam and terror together. About the ban coming from certain countries on people, without a doubt we have seen in the past that these kind of measures are not beneficial and should be evaluated carefully what kind of negative impacts these measures may bring. Now there is a new administration in the US and in upcoming days our president (Erdogan) will have phone calls (with US President) and continue to talk these issues.”

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