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Conditions of prisoners must be investigated: IHD

On Wednesday, Eren Keskin, the Co-President of Human Rights Organization (IHD), called upon the World Health Organization (WHO) to launch an investigation into prisons in Turkey, stating that conditions deteriorated under the country’s current state of emergency.

Keskin stated that prisoners who were unwell were evaluated unfairly by doctors from the Forensic Medicine Institution (FMI), an organization that is paid by the government. She went onto say, “This is why for years we’ve been pushing for independent review boards for an impartial evaluation of the prisoners’ conditions, as is done in democratic states. They [the prisoners] have been resisting this, and the FMI is not helping the situation by always reporting against the best interests of the prisoners.”

Keskin added that the prisoners in R-style prisons, which are rehabilitation centers, have not recently had the opportunity to seek treatment. She went onto say that while only some patients are able to receive treatment in fully-equipped hospitals, this has become much more difficult now.

Turkey declared a state of emergency following the failed coup attempt on July 15, leading to enhanced state powers. The state of emergency was renewed at the beginning of this year for an additional three months.

From ODemokrasi Translated by Tahsin Durmus

Editor: Leyla Magdalena Amur

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