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Lieutenant who bombed Ankara: I met with Gulen six months before the coup attempt


Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 07:18 CNNTurk


An F-16 pilot, Y.K., who was involved in the coup attempt was arrested for raiding Ankara during the events. Pilot Lieutenant Y.K. gave a statement saying that he had visited Gulen twice during his active duty with the Turkish Armed Forces. Y.K. in his testimony reported by CNNTurk saying that the meeting took place six months before the coup attempt and he was transferred to the Akıncı Air Base after the encounter.

The F-16 pilot, Lieutenant Y.K., who participated in the coup attempt allegedly confessed that he met with Fetullah Gulen, accused ringleader of ”Fethullah Gulen Terror Organization” (FETO), six months before the July 15th putsch with two his pilot friends while he was attending a training program in the US. According to the Turkish newspaper Milliyet, the F-16 pilot who served at the 4th Main Jet Base Command in Akıncı was detained and arrested on suspicion that he was involved in the bombing in Ankara during the coup attempt. Investigations after the coup attempt allegedly revealed that some of the members of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) who were involved in the coup attempt also personally met with the mastermind of ”FETO”, Fethullah Gülen. The investigation unveiled that three other pilots who served in the Air Force’s as F-16 pilots also met with Gülen in the United States.

One of these pilots, Lieutenant Pilot  Y.K., allegedly admitted meeting with Gulen in 2015 and 2016 after joining the TSK, according to Milliyet, a pro-AKP newspaper.

Some snippets of his testimony are reported by CNNTurk via Milliyet. WHatti no way to corroborate these claims but translated alleged testimony below:

ENTERING THE PROGRAM: “I entered the language proficiency examination in Ankara on October 2014. I gained admission to the program for a flight training in the US along with A.M.T. and M.B. Before traveling to the US someone called Burak gave us the phone number of our liaison, Ali, who would contact us in San Antonio. When we arrived the US, we called ‘Ali’ on the pay phone and continued to be in touch for the next two months. When we were in Wichita Falls for flight training, we had bi-weekly meetings with someone called Mutlu.”

Collective prayers at Gülen’s house

FIRST VISIT: “My pilot buddy M.B. We went to New York for a break with my colleague M.B. in August 2015. Before we left, Mutlu gave us a number for another contact. We called this person in New York. The person picked us from our meeting place. We went to the Strasburg Borough of Pennsylvania. I don’t know the exact address; it was Gülen’s house. They gave us admission cards. We entered the smaller size two-story building between two bigger buildings. There we made our collective prayers. We sat there with people I did not know, and we read books. After the evening prayers, they took me and my friend M.B. to a lounge-like room. Fetullah Gulen came to the room and asked us just where we came from and our reason for being in the US. We told him that we came to get flight training and that we are pilots. We got out of the room after this meeting, which lasted about a minute. There was no other conversation. We left the compound and went back to New York that evening.”

SECOND VISIT: “On January 2016, we went to Pennsylvania once more to visit with Fetullah Gulen. But this time another colleague A.M.T. was with me. I saw Fethullah Gülen in the same place. It was the same as our previous meeting. ”

AKINCI AIRBASE: “Upon returning to Turkey, in May, I was instated to the 4th Main Jet Base in Ankara. During that time I went to the house of a person that I do not know by name with my colleagues  A.M.T., E.D., and O.K.A.  He was a teacher. Last time I saw this person was on June 27, 2016. When we were visiting, we listened to the sermons of Fetullah Gulen. Last time we met, we set a date for our next meeting on July 23, 2016.”

NO MOBILE PHONE: “The thing I noticed in the organization was that we did not use mobile phones for communication. We did not know who else was part of the organization (FETO) while studying at the Air Force Academy. Likewise, we did not know anyone in Cigli (Air Base).”



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