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HDP members Meral Danış Beştaş and Ayhan Bilgen have been re-arrested

After releasing HDP members Ayhan Bilgen and Danış Beştaş under judicial control, the criminal court has put out a warrant upon Diyarbakir chief prosecutors’ objection. Mr. Bilgen and Mrs. Beştaş have been arrested after one day of the release order.  

After the warrant put out on Monday, HDP Kars representative and party speaker Ayhan Bilgen has been arrested yesterday by Criminal Court of Diyarbakir.

HDP member Ayhan Bilgen who was released last Saturday within the scope of the investigation Diyarbakir Prosecution Office runs about 6-8 October ‘Kobani’ events, has been re-arrested upon Diyarbakir chief prosecutors’ objection.

Due to negative weathering conditions Mr. Bilgen has been sent to Diyarbakir type D high security prison.


HDP headquarters tweeted about Mr. Bilgen’s arrest as:

“ The arrest of our party speaker Ayhan Bilgen even after just one day of his release is done with the governments pressure to hinder our agenda of referendum. But ‘NO’ can’t be squelched.”  

İHA announced the arrest while Bilgen was waiting for the court decision

İhlas News Agency (İHA) published that after Bilgen has been caught and brought to the court he was arrested. But HDP member Ziya Pir Tweeted at that moment that Bilgen wasn’t yet arrested and he was waiting for the court’s decision, in the exact word of “While Ayhan Bilgen is waiting for the court decision the arrest is at already at the media.”

After being taken under police supervision due to the investigation of 6-8 ‘Kobani’ events, both Adana representative Danış Beştaş and Kars representative Aydın Bilgen were released by the criminal court.

After the release Diyarbakir Chief Prosecutor objected to the court on duty and claimed to put out a warrant for both of the parliament members.

Court re-decided: Arrest Warrant

A criminal court put out a warrant just after the release order. And the two members of HDP were brought under police supervision once again.

Beştaş:”I’m Tahir Elçi’s friend no one can scare me!”

While taken by the police”I’m Tahir Elçi’s friend no one can scare me!” said Mrs. Beştaş, and told her friends that they will meet again very soon.

Now Mr. Bilgen is under arrest and kept in Diyarbakir high security prison and Mrs. Beştaş is under police supervision and kept at the Diyarbakir courthouse.
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