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Mystery on deleted emails of the Russian Ambassador’s assassin


The emails of the assassin Mevlut Mert Altintas appear to have been deleted 2 hours after the murder.

Criminal investigation coordinated by Ankara Deputy Attorney General Neip Cem Iscimen, on the murder case of Russia Federation Andrey Karlov resulted in 3 detentions while 4 suspects were released under provision.

The computer and mobile phone that were seized from the residence of the Ambassador’s murderer were examined by the Cybercrime Investigations Unit. The mobile phone that prompted a 4-digit password was tapped through a separate line and the SIM card was also examined. According to Fevzi Cakir of Haberturk, investigators discovered a Gmail account on Altintas’ mobile device, of which the content appeared to have been permanently deleted approximately 2 hours after the murder. This detail supported the prosecutors’ initial conjecture on other links on the murder case and the prosecutors have requested access from Google to the deleted emails to find out more on these links.



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