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Erdogan’s Islamist Paper: Terror supporter Merkel will be visiting Turkey on February 2nd

Here is Turkey’s most prominent Islamist Paper, YeniAkit, which is known by its strong pro-Erdogan editorial line reports on German chancellor’s visit to Turkey next week:

Terror supporter Merkel will be visiting Turkey on February 2nd


German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit Turkey on February 2nd.

January 28, 2017


Angela Merkel, chancellor of terror-supporting Germany, will be visiting Turkey. The country of Germany, which in the past had supported almost all terrorist organizations including Fethullah Gulen Terror Organization (FETO) and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), is now providing financial assistance to Can Dundar, who has been convicted of treason in Turkey. Merkel’s country embraces and protects many traitors, including Zekeriya Oz who is being safeguarded by the German Secret Service BND.


The German government has been protecting Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) representatives, who were convicted on terror charges in Turkey. They also have been providing financial support for all anti-Turkish propaganda. Ankara is preparing to host two high-ranking officials from Europe in the coming days for the first time since the failed coup attempt. British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to visit Turkey later today, and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be meeting with high-ranking Turkish officials on February 2nd. Both the British Prime Minister and the German Chancellor will be meeting with Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and President Erdogan. The two most important topics on the agenda for Ms. Merkel’s visit will be to establish new mechanisms for better collaboration and communication between the secret services of the respective countries, and to improve their partnership against terrorism.

The details and the topics on the agenda for this historic visit are as follows:



The German Chancellor is prepared to make demands for closer collaboration and communication between the National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) of Turkey and the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) of Germany. Ms. Merkel will ask for both agencies to work in close cooperation in order to uncover terror cells both in Turkey and in European countries.


Middle East Strategies

Exchange of intelligence information and open channels of communication between the intelligence services is crucial to eliminate future terror plots. A healthy communication in these areas requires a common understanding between the two countries about their Middle East policies.



Germany’s Ms. Merkel will be running for re-election in September of this year. The results of the local elections, which will be held before the federal elections, might have a significant effect on the outcome of national elections. In Turkey, on the other hand, the critical referendum on a proposed Constitutional change will be held on April 2nd. During this period, Germany is asking for closer collaboration between the countries against possible terror attacks.


Ms. Merkel’s Position

Ms. Merkel’s position towards Turkey is crucial for her re-election campaign. Ms. Merkel, as it stands, is the only European leader resisting the growing anti-Turkish sentiments in the European Union. Having a stable and determined Turkish government seems to be a strong factor in Ms. Merkel’s bid for re-election.


Russian Factor

The recent rapprochement between Turkish and Russian governments drove Ms. Merkel to pursue new international strategies. German and Russian governments have had disagreements regarding the events in Ukraine. Ms. Merkel will try to remind Turkey that it should continue pursuing its commitment to join the European community.


PKK File

PKK remains to be one of the most important determinants of Turkish-German relations. Turkey will demand that German intelligence communicate information they gather regarding the organization, and limit the activities of the terrorist organization within Germany. The Turkish side might also convey its dissatisfaction with Germany’s support for Can Dundar, and its lenient position on anti-Turkey propaganda within Germany.


Construction Contracts and the Economy

The Turkish side is expecting an increase German investments in Turkey. They also expect German construction firms to bid for future Turkish government contracts. The German side is planning on closer economic cooperation in the future.



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