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Turkey “melted’ in tourism numbers: Europe’s lowest rate of 50% occupancy

Turkish tourism, which has been severely downgraded after Turkey shooting down the Russian aircraft and successive terror attacks, could only reach to 50% of occupancy rate in 2016.

Overall hotel occupancy rates in Turkey were 49.2 percent in December 2016. Despite the 1.9 rise in the last month of the year, the 2016 rate was 18 percent lower comparing the year before. Turkey was the lowest occupancy rate in Europe with 50.8 percent. In Greece the occupancy rate is recorded at 68.6%; The European average was 70.4 percent.

Room income also declined

In addition to the occupancy rate, Turkey was also the country that suffered the greatest loss in Europe in its room income. In 2016, Turkey’s room revenues declined 39.5 percent to 39.5 euros. In 2016, the average room income of European countries was measured at 68.4 euros.

With a 23.4 percent decline in occupancy rate and a 42.6 percent decline in room income in 2016, Istanbul was the city with the highest occupancy loss and revenue loss among European destinations.

Alim Kahraman

Reuters & Diken

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