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Convicted Turkish criminal leader says he has joined the “YES” campaign, appears to be threatening

Sedat Peker, who is a convicted Turkish criminal leader and also known one of the most influential mafia leaders of Turkey, has joined the “YES” campaign started on social media for Constitution Referendum.

Another name joined the campaign started with a video by soccer commenter and ex-soccer player Rıdvan Dilmen

Peker has broadcasted a video from his twitter account and responded to Taha Un (nick : Solid Decree) who is seen as one of the leaders of Pro-AKP social media accounts : “Taha my dear brother, I received your message” and stated that he would use “YES” for referendum.

If it is tried to prevent referendum take place…

He stated that if there would be people showing up to prevent referendum taking place, they would  find himself and his supporters against them and added:“I want to say that we would be waiting people who would attempt to prevent referendum take place as we were on streets previously (mentioning during coup attempt). Only for this reason I would say YES. Brothers, friends I am in, are you all in as well?”

Peker appeared in below video clenching his fist in the air while telling he and his people waiting in the streets.

Sedat Peker had stated previously: “We will shed your blood in streams “

Previously Peker used the statement “We will shed your blood in streams and we will have a shower with your blood  “ for the academicians who signed the declaration “We will not take part in crime.” Petition also was known ‘peace petition.’

A law suit opened about these statements asking for 11 years sentence.

Peker has been known as a pro-government figure.

Who else is campaigning for ‘YES’

Governing AKP has been also furiously campaigning for the ”YES” vote, as well as President Erdogan. Erdogan is reportedly will do campaign rallies for ‘YES’ vote before the referendum that is expected to be held in early April. According to current constitution, the president is a bipartisan figure. President Erdogan also campaigned for 2015 June elections, but stayed away from campaigning before the November 2015 elections.


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