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Another Espionage Claim from Germany : There are 28 persons and 11 corporations in Turkish Imams’s list

Espioanage claims are growing about Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (TIRA) located in Germany.North Rhein Westfalia State Ministery of Interior has asserted that Imams of TIRA had been spying on 28 persons and 11 corporations. According to the article from Köllner Stadt Anzeiger newspaper, 5 Religious Culture teachers employed in state schools were also listed in this espionage list.

According to the article, this list has never been reflected to the public, or at least partially reflected. These reportings were prepared by TIRA Imams upon instructions from Presidency of Religious Affairs in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich Consulates’ regions and transmitted to Ankara.

TIRA : It was a mistake

TIRA confirmed that Imams employed in TIRA Mosques, were sending information notes to Ankara about Fethullah Gulen’s structuring . However TIRA General secretary answering DW Turkish channel questions, rejected espionage claims and named the actions of these Imams as a mistake and underlined that they were quiet unhappy about situation.

Acc. to TIRA statement, the emails asking the imams to report abut Fethullah Gulen structuring should not reach to German Consulates and Religious Attachees. Federal Chief Prosecutor office has started investigation about the espionage claims last week.

Last week, during a session in Federal Council, Interior Ministery Undersecretary Ole Schröder (CDU) has asked the states to determine if TIRA were meeting the conditions of religious fellowship or not. It was stated that Federal Government will be following this situation and will draw conclusions from this incident : “ It is required to investigate if special statues of Imams are necessary or not “

900 Mosques in Germany

There are 900 mosques of TIRA in Germany. In December press news, TIRA came up with the accusations that Erdogan’s opponents were denounced to Turkish consulates.





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