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Fmr EU Minister: Three of us are from South-east of Turkey. It is very interesting.

According to Sputnik News; Fmr EU Minister Egemen Bagis who had to resign following 17-25 graft scandals said, “They wanted to make an inquiry on our belief. We were forced to be left out of politics with a fiction based on Halkbank. We were (three out of four ministers who had to resign due to the graft scandals) are all form southeast part of Turkey. It was very interesting. Three of us was not from the tradion of AKP politics . In other words, we were seen as a weak link within the AK Party.”

 “We were seen by other party members as if we could be easily sacrificed from the AK Party. An assault launched against [us]. But nobody asked for anything to the Minister responsible of the Halkbank.”

It’s scientifically proved that the syllable “MA, KA, RA” has assembled from alternative callings and then combined*

Bagis said that he was left alone while talking about ‘record and assembly claims’.

Bagis said, “Just Recep Tayyip Erdoğan asked me the truth of the calling record. My close friends have chosen to believe (press reports without asking me). They did not even want us to explain it. ‘Now is not the time to talk.’ he said.

“The world’s greatest sound lab is in London. It has been scientifically proved that they assembled (a montage tape) from the alternative callings and then combined.” he said.

*There was a claim about one of Egemen Bagis’ phone callings leaked to the public in which he made a joke about Quran sure called “Bakara” with “makara” as a joke.

Onur Ercan

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