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Turkish Gvt Mouthpiece: ‘Murderer billionaire George Soros paid $2500 to masked protestors in Washington

According to Turkish Government’s most prominent mouthpiece, Sabah, ”Murderer billionaire George Soros, who set Turkey on fire using trees as an excuse (Gezi Protests, 2013) has shown up in Washington D.C. this time.” Here is the ‘scoop’ Sabah presented to its readers as ‘news’ over the weekend with regards to anti-Trump protests across US and Washington, DC:

Hungarian-Jewish descent George Soros, who is a liberal entrepreneur and finance speculator, provokes countries under the pretense of doing charity work. He gives money to opposition members with legal methods and he is hiring men to vandalize those countries. He is known to cause political conflict under the pretense of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the Velvet Revolution in Georgia.  He confessed to spending 8 million dollar in Turkey from 2006 to 2011 via the Open Society Institute where they engage in provocative actions.

Soros is suspected to have financed the Gezi protests in order to cause civil war in 2013 in Turkey.

$2500 worth of provocateurs in Washington 

Masked men appeared in Washington D.C., set businesses and cars on fire after the inauguration, and also resisted police. The images have become very familiar to us. They made us think of masked terrorists who protest at busy streets, and universities gardens under the pretense of civil society groups seeking their rights. The Washington Post announced that a business called Demand Protest paid $2500 to dozens of people who set cars and businesses on fire. In Turkey, it was said that the protestors in Gezi Park got paid 200 lira, and people who appeared on T.V. confessed to making little kids throw stones at policemen.

Conditions of attending 6 protests for salary

The report on the Washington Post said that in order to get the “salary”, protestors must attend at least 6 demonstrations a year. It was also said in the report that protestors get paid $50 an hour for each protest they attend.

Sponsor George Soros

George Soros, who didn’t hide his sympathy for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has been named as financing the groups that organized the protests. Gezi supporter Soros lost 1 billion dollars when Trump won.

Oznur Kaya

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