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“NATO can be added to terror organization list” tells Erdogan’s ally, AKP’s leading MP

“NATO can be added to terror organization lists” tells Erdogan’s ally, AKP’s leading MP Şamil Tayyar.

One of leading MPs from Turkish government, Mr. Şamil Tayyar, had an interview with Ozlem Dogan from Islamist Milat daily, complete interview is here.

Tayyar is a frequent guest on pro-AKP TVs, appearing on daily basis and his affiliation with President Erdogan’s Palace gives the impression that his anti-NATO and anti-US rhetoric cannot go on without a green light.

Following is the excerpt, in which he clearly calls the NATO “terrorist organization” during interview with the Islamist Milat:

Ozlem Dogan: According to the public opinion, USA and NATO are instigators of the 15 Temmuz coup attempt. What do you think about it?

Samil Tayyar: Turkey went through multiple coups after joining the NATO. NATO has always been part of sinister plots against Turkey. The coup in 1960 was perpetrated by the UK, 1971 coup by CIA and 1980 coup by NATO. NATO seems to have decided upon a Turkey without Erdogan and laying out a design in the region with terrorist organizations against Turkey which is a real threat for Turkey now. You can add NATO next to other terrorist organization FETO, ISIS and PKK as NATO turned into a terrorist organization itself. Turkey must take precautions against this threat and shut down the İncirlik Air Base.

Ozlem Dogan: In Trump’s presidency, do you foresee improved relationship with the US?

Samil Tayyar: We can open a blank page but US must extradite Fethullah Gulen to Turkey and stop supporting YPG. If they commit to these points, we could see growing rapprochement between US and Turkey again. Otherwise, a disconnect in our relationship is inevitable. Instead, new international alliances such as Shanghai Five could be considered.
Looking at Trump’s remarks before his inauguration, what do you think the future holds for the US and the rest of the world?

Samil Tayyar: US has a powerful system like Turkey. However, there are signs that Trump wants to fight the status quo. If he succeeds in this like Erdogan did in Turkey, it would mean a win for him and for the world. My advice to Trump is taking Erdogan as a guide. If he follows the path of Obama, there is the risk of Third World War.

Ozlem Dogan: Looking at the terror attacks and coup attempt, Turkey is at the target. Why?

Samil Tayyar: They have a role they tailored for Turkey to play. They want to undermine Erdogan who helped Turkey leapfrog. They prefer smaller states in the Middle East like 100 years ago who is dependent to them and they divide the countries in the region.

Ozlem Dogan: What is the big plan of ’Master Mind’ for our region?

Samil Tayyar: To impair Turkey, they want to establish a Kurdish State in the east of Turkey. In addition, they want to create a Nusayree, Shia and Armenian line from Armenia to Syria. Thus, they want to split Turkey from its links to the rest of the Islamic world and from the history of Turkey. Their plan is to benefit from an extensive gas-oil pipeline that includes Israel in the region.

Translated by Oznur Kaya

Editor: Maxim Baker

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