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Turkish Adm Spox: Turkey Expects from Trump adm to take a new stance on Gulen and Syria’s PYD

Speaking to reporters after a cabinet meeting in the Turkish capital Ankara today, Turkey’s government spokesman Numan Kurtulmus once again voiced Turkey’s expectations from the new US President Donald Trump administration and said:

“We hope that the new administration will both have a perspective that will provide peace in the Middle East and take initiatives that will enable us to take important steps to ensure peace in the world. We are convinced and hopeful that, especially with regards to Turkey and the US relations, the old administration’s mistakes will not be repeated. Our aim is that the relations between Turkey and the US in the new period at a level which our long-standing alliance requires.”

Deputy PM Kurtulmus wants Trump to review US positions on Gulen extradition, US support for PYD

Deputy PM Numan Kurtulmus said that Turkey advises and hopes the Trump administration to review the two issues which were essential in restrengthening Turkish-US relations.

“One of these is the extradition of [Fetullah] Gulen who is the leader of a bandit gang that committed a crime against the entire [Turkish] population during the July 15 coup [attempt]. During this time he (Gulen) is still sitting not quietly and calmly in the US. He uses that network so that he can set in motion his international network and establish their connections among themselves. It is one of our most basic requests from the US administration to both initiate the process related to his extradition and to prevent the communication with his own organization in this process and to prevent the use of this network.” Kurtulmus said.

“We demand the USA not to support PYD”

“The second fundamental issue,” Kurtulmus said according to daily Cumhuriyet, “is the end of the support to the PYD.”

Kurtulmus said that the support for the PYD from the US ought to be ended and he added: “It is obvious that this armed force consisting of a few thousand militants in the region has become an element of the instability in the region. Turkey insistently demands the USA should not give support anymore to this organization which is conducting terrorist activities against Turkey and that the US should give up standing behind them. We hope that we will get results in this matter.”

Onur Sendinç

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