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SDF Declares they won’t abide by Astana Meeting’s decisions

Saleh Moslem, the Co-President of PYD, today tweeted Syrian Democratic Forces’ statement in which SDF declares that they will not abide by Astana meeting decisions since not invited to the talks. SDF has been repeatedly praised by anti-ISIS Coalition leaders, especially by US for their fight against ISIS, called as the most effective fighting force against ISIS. The Trump Administration also refused sending delegation from Washington, DC.

Statement reads:

Despite the victories of our forces against the terrorists that represent ISIS in every campaign that we launched and are still launching, and despite the sacrifices of all the components to liberate our area from the hands of terrorists and solidify safety, we were excluded and pushed away from all the congresses that were held until now for the sake of Syrian crisis solution.

And we the components of SDF see that excluding Kurds from participating in the meeting as a part on the negotiations table is a violation of our right and sacrifices, so we would not abide by a congress’ decisions that we would not be invited to.

The General Command of Syrian Democratic Forces SDF


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