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Turkish FM: We’ll head for Raqqa after Al Bab; if we face PYD on the way, we’ll fight against them

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who was in Washington to attend Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony who has already taken over US Presidential duty from Barack Obama, met with Trump’s Foreign Minister candidate Rex Tillerson and Defense Minister candidate James Mattis, according to Anatolian News Agency. Minister Cavusoglu met with Tillerson and Mattis at a dinner at one of Washington’s major venues, Union Station, AA reported.

Gulen’s extradition

Cavusoglu said that the relations with the United States will be significantly improved in Trump’s presidency, while he pointed to Turkey’s expectations from the new US administration of the extradition of Gulen and that the United States will put an end to her cooperation with the PKK’s Syrian extension of the YPG. “I am sure that he (Trump) understands the concerns of Turkey better. We need to reconstruct mutual trust. The anti-American feelings in Turkey is on the rise, we expect the new administration.” continued Cavusoglu.

“We are expecting from the Trump administration an early positive response about Turkey’s demand for Gulen’s extradition,” said Cavusoglu, who noted that they had not heard from the US Justice Ministry about extradition of Gulen since August.

Incirlik Base

Despite the use of the Incirlik Base by the United States, he also criticized the lack of air support for Turkey’s struggle against the Islamic State (IS) in Al Bab: “They are using our air base but they do not give to us air support”.

“We are working together with Russia against terrorism”

Asked about the news that Turkey is getting closer to Russia by getting away from NATO, Cavusoglu replied, “We are cooperating with Russia against terrorism, not against NATO allies or others.”

“Will bring a new energy to fight against Islamic State (IS)”

Cavusoğlu stated that the perpetrators of the recent terrorist attacks in Istanbul and Ankara came from the YPG camps in Syria, and added: “The US is YPG’s captive. A terrorist organization (YPG) is pushing the policy of a big country like the USA. Is this acceptable? No.”

Cavusoglu, who said that Turkey would head for Rakka after Al Bab and fight against PYD if she faces, expressed Turkey’s belief that Trump will solve the problem of YPG in addition to bringing new energy to fight against IS.

Translated by Onur Sendinc

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