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Turkish PM puts forward 3 conditions to repair relations for Trump

Turkish PM: US needs to take 3 steps to repair relations

Turkish PM Binali  Yıldırım, during the constitutional changes debate at Turkish Parliament spoke to a group of journalists in his room at the Parliament. On Turkey-US relations with Trump administration, PM said:  “First, they need to extradite FETO terrorist organization leader to us who effected our relations unfavoribly. The legal process has to speed up.” Second, they need to stop supporting PYD and YPG by providing arms . A terrorist organization can not be eliminated by another terrorist organization. This is against traditions of a state. We have been partners with the US in NATO for years. Fight against terrorist groups should be done together with Turkey, not with unsuitable partners. We hear that the new administration has a similar stance on this matter. Third, Turkish people have a very negative perception of the USA. We are hoping to see steps taken towards correcting this perception which was deepened amid July 15th. Additionally, we have said everything that could be said with regards to PYD. There is no space left to say “We don’t know”. The US has recently been more positive about Euphrates Shield and fighting with ISIS .They would like to support the initiative taken by Turkey, Russia and partly Iran. This is an important thing. “

Turkish PM: Trump’s style will change overtime

On the following question “Will Trump be more positive than Obama?” , Yildirim stated: “That’s how we interpret his statements, we will wait and see but they are not negative. I think his style will change over time. I anticipate a change in the US administration’s negative attitude for Syria and Iraq policies. They state their presence in the region becoming less effective. He says he will work with Turkey more closely regarding future policies for the region. These are nice things. ” .

PM: Al Qaida refuted claims of killing Russian Ambassador, FETO tries to acquit themselves

With regards to the question whether there is any development in the investigations for the murder of Russia’s Ankara ambassador Andrey Karlov, Prime Minister Yildirim said “There are a few things. The FETO group is trying to prove that it was committed by El Nusra but El Nusra denied it in the very beginning with a statement. FETO group has an effort to acquit themselves.”


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